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Copper-aluminum casting


Copper-aluminum alloys are high-strength casting alloys. With sufficient
aluminum and nickel content (as used by MKB for casting), this type
of alloy demonstrates high resistance to corrosion, even in

  • Slightly acidic to weak alkaline salt solutions (sulfite and bleaching lye,
    potash solutions)
  • Industrial sewage
  • Seawater and organic media (including acetic acid)
  • Reduced and slightly oxidizing mineral acids (diluted, e.g. 10%
    hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid 1% phosphoric acid and especially concentrated
    sulfuric acid)
  • and in aggressive industrial or maritime atmospheres, or those
    containing sulfur dioxide

In addition, copper-aluminum alloys have better fatigue resistance than carbon steels and austenitic steels - both in air and in seawater.

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Copper-aluminum casting

Areas of application

Parts made of copper-aluminum alloys are used in four primary areas:

  • In railway applications, such as in overhead line construction as spacers, cable clamps and support cable holders, as
    lock components for doors, and much more.
  • In pumps as pump housings, suction housings, and pressure housings, for impellers, segmented intakes, or stepped housings, and much more.
  • In machinery for components that require high fatigue resistance.
  • In boatbuilding for seawater-resistant applications where very high strength is required.


We offer our customers individual copper-aluminum alloys that we develop specifically to meet their requirements. By varying the alloying elements in a targeted manner, the desired mechanical properties for nearly any application can be achieved. This is still possible, just contact us.

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MKB is the first foundry in the world to achieve quality
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