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Copper casting


Parts made of copper and copper-chromium alloys transmit electrical current with
extremely low resistance. Copper is also very resistant to corrosions, whether it is
above or below the waterline. The hardness, conductivity, and not least the cost
can be varied by using different alloys.

Areas of application

Designs produced as gravity die copper castings can be found wherever electrical
current flows. As contact holders, short circuit rings, grounding contacts,
contact tabs, high-voltage switch components, electrode arms, and much
more, they are used in a wide range of applications:

  • in electrical systems
  • in power supplies
  • in converters
  • in transformers
  • in railway applications and overhead lines
  • for welding electrodes


  • Cu-C is highly conductive and offers a wide range of applications. When silver-plated it
    has even higher conductivity, particularly at contact surfaces.
  • CuCr1 is a chromium alloyed copper material that is particularly hard and strong.
    It nevertheless has good electrical conductivity.

The face behind MKB
Aurelia Dehnhard-Muck
was the only woman in Europe heading a foundry
as the sole CEO.
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MKB - Contact person

Tobias Koderer
Manager Sales Marketing

Tel.: +49(0)8421 / 98 89-89
Mobil: +49(0)162 / 981 80 46

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MKB Tradition
Founded in 1965 by the foundry engineer Willi Dehnhard, we were working for all the well-known
electric companies within
a short time ...
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Quality is an obligation
MKB is the first foundry in the world to achieve quality
under the
new "International
Railway Industry Standard"
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