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Even raw castings can be precise

Raw castings from our gravity die casting process are already superior to many forming processes, particular with respect to precision, strength, and cost-effectiveness:

  • all raw casting components are produced with high precision according to
    DIN EN ISO 8062-3
  • Alloys containing copper are cast according to DIN EN 1982:2008-08 or as special MKB alloys
  • Aluminum alloys are cast according to DIN EN 1706:2010-06
  • Continuous monitoring of every batch using spectral analysis guarantees precise conformance to DIN specifications and required strength valves
  • High precision paired with years of experience ensure stable
    reproducible quality
  • Intensive consultation, starting in the planning phase, results in an excellent price to performance ratio

The advantages of MKB raw castings in head-to-head comparisons. Learn more  

Gravity die casting vs. welded designs:

  • Machining can often be avoided entirely as a near-net shape is produced
  • Saves money above an economical volume level
  • Versatile designs, economically feasible
  • Pre-cast holes (variants with round or elongated holes)
  • Material savings
  • More rigid design with low-cost stiffening ribs and radii
  • Eliminates the weld seam as a weak point
  • Resistance to current flow at the weld seam is eliminated

Gravity die casting vs. investment casting:

  • The costly tight tolerances of a investment casting are often not needed for the application, and gravity die casting is more advantageous
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Shorter lead times

Gravity die casting vs. Machining from solid:

  • Significant cost savings above an economical batch size
  • No great material losses
  • Short running time for machine tools

Gravity die casting vs. sand casting:

  • Better electrical conductivity for copper alloys
  • Less costly manufacturing process
  • Tighter tolerances and better surfaces
  • The risk of gas absorption from the mould material into the melt is eliminated
  • Machining is often no longer necessary

Gravity die casting vs. pressure die-casting:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Significantly lower tooling costs
  • Even small batches can be produced economically
  • Weldability of aluminum alloys
  • Undercuts and cavities are possible

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