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Because cleaner is better

MKB is not only one of the world's leading companies in the field of gravity die casting - environmental protection also plays an elevated role as we live out our corporate culture.
So it is no wonder that MKB will be certified this year under the international environmental standard ISO 14001.

Save energy

Our company is, by its nature, part of
an energy-intensive industry. Precisely for this reason,
we are responsible and thrifty in our use of energy.

"In the manufacture of our products, we use
only as much energy as necessary. In the administrative areas, too, we are environmentally conscious and minimize
energy consumption."

Protect resources

Our obligation to the planet Earth is to be considerate of the environment and of nature wherever we act, and to protect natural resources especially by recycling.

"All of the materials used, especially the metals, are prepared for production in an environmentally friendly way. Dross is produced only to the extent necessary. Waste metals and chips are fed into recycling."

Waste separation

Preventing waste is more important than
separating waste.Proper disposal goes
without saying for us.

"We prevent waste. Wherever it is generated
despite our efforts, we separate it in order to
feed it to recycling as a pure material."

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MKB - Contact person

Tobias Koderer
Manager Sales Marketing

Tel.: +49(0)8421 / 98 89-89
Mobil: +49(0)162 / 981 80 46

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The face behind MKB
Aurelia Dehnhard-Muck
was the only woman in Europe heading a foundry
as the sole CEO.
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Quality is an obligation
MKB is the first foundry in the world to achieve quality
under the
new "International
Railway Industry Standard"
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MKB Informational brochures
More information about machining and assembly from a single source can be found in our brochure, "Your advantage is at hand".
Brochure "Your advantage is at hand"
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MKB Tradition
Founded in 1965 by the foundry engineer Willi Dehnhard, we were working for all the well-known
electric companies within
a short time ...
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