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Modern switchgear (AIS, GIS) has long-life components (e.g. circuit breakers, switch disconnectors, current transformers, voltage transformers). Their performance depends essentially on the current-carrying parts.

Die cast parts made of pure copper Cu-C offer the highest electrical conductivity. Intelligent designs take cooling surfaces into account and reduce resistance by replacing mechanical connections (glued, soldered or screwed).

Complex geometries are produced close to the contour by inserting core inserts into the casting mould and reduce the downstream effort in mechanical processing.

Die casting of CuCr1-C is characterised by the combination of high strength and high conductivity for electricity and heat. Electrode holders and mechanically stressed contacts are often made from this material. It is great for further processing, such as mechanical polishing, electroplating and immersion tin plating.

MKB Metallguss Switchgear

MKB Metallguss Switchgear

The highest possible quality and reliability during the operating lifetime of a converter or transformer is only possible with first-class copper components. Here, the difference in class in terms of the avoidance of cracks and blowholes becomes apparent.

We have decades of experience in the production of connection parts for the transformer core and can support you in the design.

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