MKB-Metallguss Company Profile


In order to handle the complex business processes at all levels within our company, we have implemented an integrated management system, incorporating quality, environment, and occupational safety in equal measure.


Customer satisfaction and customer focus

Achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction is our central task.
(Customer satisfaction)

The overall performance is the basis for lasting confidence in our products.
(Customer focus)

MKB-Metallguss Quality


Conserve resources — save energy — separate waste

Our commitment to planet Earth is to respect the environment and nature wherever we operate and to conserve natural resources, particularly through recycling.

“All materials used, especially metals, are prepared for production in an environmentally friendly manner. Dross production is reduced to the minimum possible. Residual metals and chips are sent for recycling. "

(Conserve resources)

Our company belongs naturally to an energy-intensive industry. That is precisely why we use energy responsibly and economically.

“We only use as much energy as necessary to manufacture our products. We are environmentally-conscious in administration and minimise our energy consumption.”

(Save energy)

Waste avoidance is more important than waste separation. Proper disposal is the natural way.

“We avoid waste. Wherever it still occurs, we separate it so that it can be sorted into the correct recycling system.”

(Separate waste)

MKB-Metallguss Environment


Technical safety - occupational safety - plant safety

Our customers depend on our technical know-how and these related commitments.

“We guarantee certain properties for the products that we manufacture. Compliance with the technical standards and regulations that apply to the manufacture of our products is a fundamental requirement for their function in application.”

(Technical safety - products)

Our responsibility is to protect the health of the workforce.

“Our employees are exposed to predictable dangers during the manufacturing process. The safe control of our production processes and regular safety training are important preventive measures.”

(Occupational safety)

Fulfilment of the legal requirements for the safety of production resources is an essential minimum requirement.

“Regular checks, counter-measures and improvements supported by planned preventive maintenance ensure the safety of our production facilities.”

(Plant safety)

MKB-Metallguss Safety