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Copper-aluminium alloys are high-strength cast alloys and can therefore be used in a variety of ways as construction materials. By adding elements Ni and Fe, important properties such as high static strength and dynamic strength, as well as cavity erosion resistance and wear resistance can be emphasised.

The strength properties of the alloys are influenced not only by the alloy composition but also by the casting process. Die casting excels here in particular.

Copper-aluminium alloys prove valuable in contact with a variety of materials that are too aggressive for other copper materials. Outstanding strength combined with relatively low density are also important factors for choosing heterogeneous alloys.

A balanced Al-Ni ratio ensures high corrosion resistance, even in

  •  slightly acidic to weakly alkaline salt solutions (sulphite and bleaching solutions, potassium salt solutions),
  • industrial waste water,
  • saltwater and organic media (including acetic acid),
  • reduced and slightly oxidising mineral acids (diluted e.g. 10% hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid 1% phosphoric acid and especially concentrated sulphuric acid), and
  • aggressive industrial atmospheres close to the sea or containing sulphur dioxide

In particular, CuAl10Ni3Fe2-C, CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C and CuAl11Fe6Ni6-C are proven casting materials.

MKB Metallguss Aluminium-Bronze

Areas of application

Parts made from copper-aluminium alloys are mainly used in four areas:

  • In catenary systems / rail technology, for example in overhead line construction as a spacer, for cable clamps and suspension cable holders, as locking parts for door systems, and much more.
  • In pump construction as pump, suction and pressure housings, for bucket wheels, segment sockets and stage casings, and much more.
  • In mechanical engineering for parts requiring high fatigue strength.
  • In boat building for saltwater-resistant applications where very high strength values are required.


We offer our customers individual copper-aluminium alloys, developed specifically according to requirements.

Through the targeted variation of the alloying elements, the desired mechanical properties can be achieved for almost all possible applications.

We would be happy to advise you on finding the optimal material.

Materials table


Aluminium-bronze materials table

Materials table Aluminium-Bronze

You can download the materials table as a PDF here