MKB-Metallguss Materials


Recyclable materials for sustainable designs

Copper and copper alloys are high-quality cast materials. The extensive use of these materials is due to the unique combination of different properties in connection with versatile design options when casting. By alloying copper with elements Zn, Al, Pb, Ni and Cr, high strength values, good gliding and tension properties, or good corrosion resistance can be achieved. The main alloy elements determine the most important alloy groups, as defined by DIN EN 1982.

Aluminium alloys are versatile and can be precisely selected according to the intended application. The AlSi alloy we offer can be processed in many ways thanks to its excellent machinability, high toughness and good chemical resistance — offering a wide range of uses. The AlZn alloy also impresses with its good strength and excellent weldability, and thus covers other areas of application. Al alloys and their properties are defined by DIN EN 1706.

MKB materials are recyclable and can therefore be reintroduced into the raw material cycle.

Copper / copper chrome

Electrical currents are transmitted with extremely low resistance in pure copper die castings.

A CuCr alloy is used for additional strength requirements.

Brass / special brass

CuZn alloys score highly as a cost-effective design and conductive material, especially in mechanical engineering.

Complex and thin-walled geometries can be cast ready to install using steel cores.

Aluminium bronze

The effectiveness of high-strength CuAl alloys is remarkable when used under cyclical loads.

Corrosion resistance - even under vibrating loads and saltwater resistance - opens up a wide range of applications.


Vibration and impact-resistant structural elements can be cast in AlSi alloys as a corrosion-resistant solution.

Castings made of an AlZn alloy are characterised by good strength without heat treatment and can be cut and welded.