MKB-Metallguss Company Profile

Company profile

Connecting Tradition and Innovation

MKB was founded in Duesseldorf / Germany in 1965 by the foundry engineer Willi Dehnhard and his wife Elke Dehnhard, and is now managed in the second generation by Aurelia Dehnhard-Muck.

The Eichstaett location was established in 1970 and is today the company headquarters from which all activities originate.

In 1977 the Wuelfershausen / Germany location was established, which currently handles machining and assembly, and is today the logistics centre for incoming raw casting.

In 2007 M-CAST was founded in Slovakia as a joint venture. Connected by weekly supply, the raw cast parts are then processed further in Wuelfershausen.

In 2009 MKB CAST Pvt. Lt. India was founded as a 100% subsidiary and is now a sales office for the Asian market.

In January 2013, the management of MKB was reinforced by the appointment of Mr. Oliver Weidmann as our commercial managing director.

Since 2016 we have been manufacturing raw castings with a cooperating partner in Sri Lanka, which are also processed in Wuelfershausen before delivery to the customer.

2030... We are striving towards a sustainable future!

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