MKB Metallguss Railway and overhead line technology, catenary systems

Railway and overhead line technology, catenary systems

On the top rail

Overhead lines

In recent years there has been a switch from traditional sand casting to die casting, especially in the field of overhead line technology.

The advantages in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality speak for themselves and allow economical production for catenary systems. By casting close to the final dimensions, mechanical processing can be reduced to a minimum.

Aluminium bronzes have good mechanical properties to withstand vibratory stress.

MKB Metallguss Overhead lines

Rolling Stock

On their journey to the destination station, moving components are exposed to strongly fluctuating conditions.

The quality of die casting made of aluminium bronze and its mechanical properties has been established through long-term field application.

The significance of the accompanying weight can be solved with aluminium alloys and is used in many areas (e.g. door systems, cable holders, holders for luggage racks, etc.).

MKB Metallguss Overhead lines