Medical Technology

Precision is the best medicine

Die casting is predestined for use in medical technology.

This is not only due to the surface quality that we can achieve through various methods of surface finishing, but also to the corrosion resistance of the materials. Further positive properties are:

  • economical tool costs for small and medium batch sizes
  • almost any design is possible
  • composite casting offers additional advantages through the use of embedded parts

Copper has an additional significance in medicine:

"Antimicrobial copper alloys are the most effective material for interior components in the fight against pathogenic germs. Copper eliminates more than 99.9% of bacteria* within 2 hours of exposure. No other material (e.g. silver-containing coatings) comes anywhere near this performance.  Antimicrobial copper is not only pure copper, but also includes a variety of alloys that can be used to make durable products in a wide range of colours and finishes".  (Source: International Copper Association)

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