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Quality is predictable

We design the die

When developing a die, our specialists use modern computer-aided design processes (CAD / CAM) and can therefore optimise efficiency and quality of use.

You assist us by submitting your data. This speeds up the design phase.

Thanks to many years of experience, our employees have amassed a great deal of knowledge about different production variations and can thus achieve optimal results.

MKB-Metallguss Design

You design the product

With our tried-and-tested optimisation process, you can easily create your design in line with the casting requirements, paying attention to the following

  • uniform wall thicknesses
  • round edges
  • draft angles in the interior
  • de-mouldability
  • sharp edges
  • etc.

Download PDF

Here you can download the PDF for the cast-ready design.


In good shape

Following the tool design, the next step is tool making. Our high-performance specialist department takes the CAM data from the design and makes a decisive contribution to the later quality of the cast parts through the tool construction.

We use modern materials for our dies in order to achieve an optimal service life.

At the same time, machining equipment is prepared, which is ready when the first test casting is performed.

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Tobias Koderer
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