MKB-Metallguss Company Profile

Our Mission:

"We deliver ready-to-install gravity die cast solutions, integrated in our MKB PLUS service package"

We face complex challenges and demanding tasks daily, so standard solutions are never enough. Accordingly, our most important principle is to achieve unrestricted customer focus in day-to-day business through our skilled, motivated employees.

This means that series orders and individual customer requests are processed with equal efficiency, whilst complying with applicable environmental protection guidelines.

Our company policy

The 4 columns

It is an MKB business principle to meet the requirements and expectations of all customers.

For this we provide a working environment that takes into account occupational health and safety, while encouraging all employees to constantly optimise the quality of our products and processes.

All of our actions regarding the permanent improvement of the products must be geared towards compatibility with our environment.

In order to ensure the continued existence of our company, it is essential to guarantee profitability, i.e. align the corporate goal in a profit-oriented manner.

MKB-Metallguss Our company policy


Long term sustainability of corporate activity requires a common understanding.

The fundamental application of the 7 QM principles, i.e. even beyond quality management itself, contributes significantly to improving the overall performance of our company.

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process-oriented approach
  • Improvement
  • Fact-based decisions
  • Relationship management